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Hello, welcome back to Tricks Rewards blog. If you want to earn money by filling surveys then this app is the best for you. Today, I present an app is CitizenMe app where you can fill surveys and earn money.

So, let's get a start without wasting any time.

About CitizenMe app

With CitizenMe, you can take control of your data and, importantly, get value from it.

CitizenMe app

CitizenMe earns you money for sharing your data and opinions anonymously with brands.  Personality insights are designed by our very clever scientist friends at Sheffield and Cambridge Universities.

How to download & register in CitizenMe app?

1) First download the CitizenMe app from below the link.

2) Now, open the app and click on the Open account.

3) Now, enter your email I'd and Password then verify your email I'd by submitting OTP.

4) Now, Update your Personal details like fill surveys.

5) Then you are able to fill Surevys and make money.

How to Fill Surveys & earn money on CitizenMe app?

1) First, You will see many Surevys like gievn below photos.

CitizenMe app surveys
CitizenMe app surveys
2) There are many surveys which are for insights, Donate, Earn and Fun.

3) You can earn money from Earn Surveys and make money.

4) You can also fill Fun, Donate and Insights surveys and you can't make money from it but for funs.

How to withdraw money on CitizenMe app?

1) First Of all, You have to fill the Earn Surveys and you will see rewards before Filing surveys.

2) Then fill Surevys honestly and After successfully filled surveys then first time asked about your PayPal Id.

CitizenMe app rewards

3) Then you will receive instantly rewards into your PayPal account.

4) After you receive rewards then PayPal sends money into your bank account within 2-5 days.


CitizenMe app is the best app to make money by surveys and also you can know about your personal details in Your Dashboard if you fill surveys genuinely & Honestly. This app is trusted and verified app.

I hope you will get all the details about the CitizenMe app and if you have any questions then comment below.

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