Storm play app : Earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum & Storm by doing tasks like watching ads or downloading apps.

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Today, I am back with a long time ago.  So  if you want earn free cryptocoin then this post for you. I present app is the storm play app which you earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum and storm by just watching videos or downloading apps and fill the easy surveys. So storm play app is the legit and found the best app to earn free bitcoin.

So, let's start without wasting a time.


Storm play app is the interesting and easy way to earn free bitcoin, Ethereum and storm. This app's privous name is bitmaker app and changed to storm play.

Storm play app : Earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum & Storm by doing tasks
Storm app logo

This app is 100 % free to play . When you complete tasks then you will be earn bolts and  Redeem into coinbase or Jaxx wallet.

➤ How to download & Register in storm play app.

1. First of all, Download the app under giving link.
2. Then open the app and create account with Facebook, Google or email.

Storm play app : Earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum & Storm by doing tasks
Storm app crate account

3. After enter this code - NI665Q (must enter this code to receive 6,000 bolts otherwise you didn't receive)

4. Hurry ! You received 6,000 bolts. Now you can able to earn free blots.

➤ How to earn bolts in storm play app.

You have multiple ways to earn free bolts in this app.

Storm play app : Earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum & Storm by doing tasks
Storm play app dashboard

1. Storm task.

You seen many apps when you open the app. So, there are multiple apps provides which you can complete tasks and earn free bolts.

There are apps, surveys, new offers and hot offers provided by this app. You can earn upto 6,00,000 bolts.

2. Claim & Earn.

On the claim screen, watch videos or advertise and fill the captcha and earn 500 bolts every 30 minutes. If you have free time then you can take booster which is valid for 2 hours and claim 500 bolts every 10 minutes.

So, this is easy and simple way to earn free bolts.

3. Invite & Earn.

Invite your friends to come and earn free bolts. When your friend install from your link or enter your refer code then both are earn free 6,000 bolts.

So, more you invite, the more bolts you will receive.

➤ What is bolt ?

Storm play app doesn't provide direct cryptocoin but provide the bolt which is earned through tasks and can be used to withdraw as storm, bitcoin or Ethereum.

500 bolts = 0.2036 storm
500 bolts = 0.000032 bitcoin
500 blots = 0.000974 ethereum

This value are approximately based by current value of cryptocoin.

➤ Where I receive cryptocoin.

There are many wallets to receive cryptocoin.

Bitcoin - coinbase or xapo wallet to receive bitcoin.
Ethereum - Coinbase wallet to receive Ethereum.
Storm - recommend to Jaxx wallet to receive storm.

So, which you want to withdraw and enter your email and verify with email and receive your rewards.

➤ How to withdraw bolts.

When you reach the minimum withdrawal limit then you can able to withdraw your bolts.

Minimum withdrawal limit

Storm - 1,87,500 bolts
Bitcoin - 2,75,000 bolts
Ethereum - 3,00,000 bolts

Storm play app : Earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum & Storm by doing tasks
Storm play app claim section

First click on the claim section and click on withdraw button and enter your coinbase, Jaxx or xapo email and verify via email then you will be receive within some days.


Storm play app is the free and easy to use and I believe this app is legit and genuine. Thia app is the provides many offers and also give affiliate status who have more invited friends. So download now and start earn today.

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